Cabinet is Done

This was an amazing project.  The final product has the aged and used look that it needs to be a part of the unique collection of furniture that is in place in the client’s home.

How the Design Process Works

First Step The evolution of this cabinet offers good insight into how the design process works.  After initial consultation with the client, we came up with some basic concepts as conversation starters.  The first step was to layout the “footprint” of the cabinet.  The challenge here is that the cabinet will be placed in a[…]

Cabinet Progress

The careful work that is required for this piece is paying off with a one-of-a-kind cabinet.  The principal woodworking is done.  All the carving and fitting have taken time.  The top and hardware are installed giving us a good look at the piece.  The next steps are to settle on the tone and finish.  The[…]

Ornate Cabinet

We’ve recently been commissioned to design and build a small cabinet that will be placed in the corner of a room.   Due to other furnishings in the room, the cabinet needs to be designed with one side longer than the other, making for some odd angles and difficult joinery.  Most important, though, is that[…]

Built-in Toy Box and Shelves

This is a project for a client with a large play and game room in a finished basement.  The built-in will be tucked between two existing walls that provide a perfect frame for the storage as well as for a dart board above.  One of the most exciting parts of the project will be the[…]

Nightstands Complete

After several coats of finish and a layer of furniture wax, the nightstands are ready for delivery.  The final product is a good complement to the existing furniture in the room.


Have spent the past couple of weeks working on a pair of nightstands.  The design is basic and simple.  The wood is solid cherry, but will be stained a bit darker to match the tones of some existing furniture in the room.  So far the main woodworking is done and the finishing has begun.  There[…]