Ornate Cabinet

We’ve recently been commissioned to design and build a small cabinet that will be placed in the corner of a room.   Due to other furnishings in the room, the cabinet needs to be designed with one side longer than the other, making for some odd angles and difficult joinery.  Most important, though, is that the cabinet will include several unique and ornate  features.  This design came about after several meetings to discuss style, look, and needs.  Due to the size of the room into which this cabinet will go, it was critical that it enhance the existing esthetic and not look out of place.   This will be a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, unlike anything we’ve ever made.  Here is a sketch of the design.

You can see the carvings on the sides, on the doors, the large legs, and the unique antique door pulls.  Inside will be three shelves, providing a ton of storage.

Construction began with the frame.  Here you can see the odd dimensions and angles.

It begins to take shape once the panels are added.  At this point, we’ve also begun creating the carvings that will give it life.

Next step, add the shelves.  This is an example of the value of working with a client during the design phase.  It results in a piece that will serve his needs precisely.  The middle shelf is sized to hold DVR’s and CD’s.  The upper shelf will hold a CD or DVR player.  Notice there is an opening in the back of the cabinet to provide easy access for cables and ventilation.  The ornate theme of the carvings on the outside of the cabinet are carried inside to the edges of the shelves.

The door pulls are a wonderful find.  The Lion’s Heads are believed to be nearly 100 years old and were recovered from a Chicago area home that was renovated.  The heavy duty hinges are in keeping with the ornate features of this piece and should work well to support the doors which will be heavy.